22 days ago, I lost something…


…something that was purchased spontaneously while immersed in the thrill of being enganged…


…something that was worn several times over the next few months, at times while I was “fake married”…


…something that was put on my finger by my soul mate after reading our wedding vows on a beautiful September morning…


…something that I tried very hard to protect, as it tended to slip off my finger…


…and 22 days ago, it slipped off my finger for the last time.


Goodbye, Wedding Ring, wherever you are.  May your future replacement help fill the void.


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4 Responses to Loss

  1. Smldada says:

    You are not the first and surely won’t be the last.

    Dh lost his within 6 months of our vows., he is currently on ring 3 or 4….

  2. Mama Cain says:

    awww :( I’m sorry… That is so sad. Maybe get the replacement in a smaller size 😉

    I am always fussing at my dh to quit playing with his or he is bound to lose it… ironically, I am the one that always loses jewelry. (I actually misplaced my wedding band for months after I had my twins- finally found it… it had slipped through a hole in the lining of the purse I was using at the time.)
    Mama Cain recently posted..VulnerableMy Profile

  3. Becky says:

    I gained so much weight in the last year or so, that mine will no longer fit. I still reach with another finger to try to twirl it around. Feels sad not having it. Hope you get a new one soon!
    Becky recently posted..The BumblebeeMy Profile

  4. Abby says:

    Oh no!

    Well, just know that it’s not an omen that your marriage is doomed. I lost my wedding ring and I think I’ve been married longer now with #2 than I was with #1. Still, you never forget your first…
    Abby recently posted..heightsMy Profile

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