Her Baby

The music clicks on.

I watch them begin to move to the soft melody.

I flash to a picture I once saw of a chubby, blond-hair, blue-eyed little boy with a grin that clearly lit up any room like a ray of sunshine.

I picture her rocking this baby in her arms, singing softly, imagining a future for him.

I picture them dancing together, perhaps his wobbly feet on hers as the little boy begins to take the first steps on a journey to independence that would lead to this day.

I imagine her laying in bed just 12 hours ago, simultaneously celebrating the man whose wedding she would be attending the next day, and mourning the blond haired little boy love of her life.

For a moment in time, they dance together, 31 years of memories between them.

They are center stage with all eyes on them.

Tears well at the corner of my eyes as I catch hers.

I want her to know that her baby’s heart is safe with me. That I will protect it with everything that I am. That I will not hurt him. That she has done an amazing job raising the man that became my husband just a hour ago.

I smile as I watch them, their movements comfortable. Their laughter contagious. Her love, palpable.

I know that he is my husband today, but her little boy always.

I hold this moment in my heart, as I watch them dance, mother and son.

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53 Responses to Her Baby

  1. Jo says:

    Been there. It’s very hard to let your baby boy go and yet, the new daughter is such a gift. Lovingly written and this momma was touched. ♥
    Jo recently posted..DANCINGMy Profile

  2. Amrita says:

    Such a beautiful moment and thought to treasure. Love this post! You’ve captured powerful emotions in such lovely words.
    Amrita recently posted..The Monday Munchies Digest: Feb 7-13, 2012My Profile

  3. Beth says:

    As the wife of a wonderful man who had a loving relationship with his mother and as a mother who is blessed with both a close relationship with my son and a daughter-in-law who is everything I’d have chosen for him, your words resonated deeply and brought tears. The really sweet kind.
    Beth recently posted..a.k.a.My Profile

  4. Paula Martin says:

    Beautiful post with such wonderful emotions.
    Paula Martin recently posted..April, A-Z and AmblesideMy Profile

  5. This is an amazing post. Your mother in law is lucky to have such a great daughter in law.
    Tara @ secretsofamomaholic.com recently posted..Breakfast QuesadillasMy Profile

  6. Weissdorn says:

    This was very touching. Thank you.
    Weissdorn recently posted..GBE 2 – Dancing – Can You Forgive Her?My Profile

  7. Trish says:

    Beautiful!! That one put tears in my eyes.

  8. Claudia says:

    What an amazing story, very nice!

  9. jen says:

    So sweet and beautifully written Jenn!
    jen recently posted..what kind of bees make milk?My Profile

  10. What a lovely post! And so nice to see such understanding from daughter in law to mother in law. Goodness knows I’d seen enough MIL drama over on my blog for a lifetime!
    my honest answer recently posted..On waiting for Mr RightMy Profile

  11. Robbie says:

    So touching & I love the photo. I have 2 boys of my own and I cannot even begin to imagine dancing at their weddings.
    Robbie recently posted..Innocence LostMy Profile

  12. You made this so simply sweet! Beautiful post.
    Tracy @ Scribblesaurus Me recently posted..Rainy DaysMy Profile

  13. stephanie says:

    Sweet post. You’re off to a beautiful, understanding start to your life together. Really lovely.
    stephanie recently posted..Is Religion Organized?My Profile

  14. This is so sweet and made me miss my mother-in-law, gone almost two years now, so much.
    Louise Ducote recently posted..See?My Profile

  15. So beautiful. I have a wonderful relationship with my mother-in-law and I trust you will too. She must feel truly honored and deeply loved when reading this post.
    Tania Elfersy (@PurpleLeavesRed) recently posted..Thank you, Adrienne RichMy Profile

  16. Delilah says:

    How touching! I wish I had that type of a relationship with my mother in law. I wish I could’ve said something like that to her on our wedding day. But she made it clear from the beginning that I was an intruder, an outsider. I’m glad you have that relationship. I hope one day I will have that with my future daughter in laws. I guess the one good thing to come out of my difficulty with his mother is that I know what NOT to do as a mother in law. There’s my silver lining.
    Delilah recently posted..So What?My Profile

  17. This is why our cultural rituals, such as weddings, are so important…to celebrate where we have been, and rejoice in what is to come. You captured this so beautifully.

  18. Tearing up a little over here. I have four sons. I hope I get some daughter-in-laws that feel this way about my boys and me. Lovely, Erin

  19. Mayor Gia says:

    Aww, very sweet!
    Mayor Gia recently posted..March Madness: Final StandingsMy Profile

  20. Susan says:

    this is beautiful, and thoughtful, too – i often forget to think of my mother in law in this light!
    Susan recently posted..An Open Letter to my UterusMy Profile

  21. Suzy says:

    That is just so sweet.
    Suzy recently posted..Haiku – DoubtMy Profile

  22. Blond Duck says:

    Gorgeous. I need to check out these other writers.
    Blond Duck recently posted..Wings 20My Profile

  23. Jessica says:

    Oooh, chills, that moment gets me at every wedding!

  24. Oh, so beautiful. Your mother-in-law is blessed to have you in her son’s life. And hers. That moment of them dancing together – perfectly captured.
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..The SofaMy Profile

  25. Miranda says:

    So beautifully written. Your words created such imagery and emotion.
    Miranda recently posted..I Did It….My Profile

  26. So sweet and beautifully written!

  27. So lovely! And very thoughtful of you to understand their connection and her transition.
    Erin M. Threlfall recently posted..What would you attempt to do if…My Profile

  28. k~ says:

    Tender, touching and well written. This was a very nice post to read.
    k~ recently posted..D ~ DelilahMy Profile

  29. Ben says:

    I had no dance at my wedding, but this sure made it feel real. Well done.
    Ben recently posted..Meeting EmmaMy Profile

  30. this.is.beautiful.
    Tara Pohlkotte recently posted..Whispering with the WindMy Profile

  31. ah! so nice!
    Stephanie Sikorski recently posted..Failing in Soccer and SurvivorMy Profile

  32. Mirjam says:

    Such a beautiful post!
    You are so wise, I don’t think I had this understanding when I married my husband.
    Now years later I do, and someday I will dance like this with my boy.
    Mirjam recently posted..InnocenceMy Profile

    • jenn says:

      Thanks! I don’t know how wise I am, but trying to understand how hard that transition was for her was something I worked hard on.

  33. Very touching.
    Youngman Brown recently posted..The Eve of Opening Day (A "Poem")My Profile

  34. Jamie says:

    Gah that got me all choked up. I’ve already picked out my song with my oldest. He’s five.

  35. heidi says:

    Oh my goodness! So, so lovely.
    heidi recently posted..resting placeMy Profile

  36. So sweet topped with goosebumps!
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..The Retired Marine smiles…My Profile

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