Writing Prompt: Who believes in you?

When we’re at our most challenged, our most frustrated, our most overwhelmed, knowing that someone believes in us is the most priceless thing imaginable.

Who believes in you today? Who believed in you in the past? 


I’ve had my moments.

Beautiful moments.

Grasping a diploma in my hand – not once, not twice, but three times. Receiving my license to practice in the mail. Running a half hour all at once. Completing a triathlon. Saying “I will” to my husband nearly two years ago.

Without many- these moments mean very little.

Without the person who I could call at any time on the phone and cry to when the world seemed overwhelming.

Without the person who paid for my books the first semester of college because I had no idea that a book could even cost over $100.

Without the person who took care of my dog for the beginning of his life so that I could attend classes, and work, and do an internship.

Without the person who I am most at peace with – whose arms are truly where I am meant to exist.

Without the person who I call when I have a flat tire, when I’m not sure I remember how to check my oil, when I’m scared and need someone to tell me it’s okay.

Without the person who pushed me- mentally and physically when I did not believe I could complete a triathlon.

Without the person who randomly sings musical show tunes with me through my tears.

Without the person who can finish my sentences, and understand me when I randomly say “Speaking of cool!”

Without the people who have made all these moments possible, and worthwhile.

I’m lucky to have all kinds of people who have, and do believe in me.

Part of what I hope to do in my work is pass on to these beautiful children that someone believes in them, because believe me – it makes all the difference.

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